What is Coaching?


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines Coaching as follows:


Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.


A Professional Coaching Relationship exists when Coaching includes a business agreement or contract for coaching services that defines the responsibilities of each party.



Coaching is not psychiatric or psychological counselling, psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy or any other type of therapy, social work, consulting, doctors' or medical services of any kind, bio-feedback or the like, or a test of any kind. 


It is a collaborative interaction between a Certified Coach and a client where the client has a problem, issue, challenge or difficulty they wish to work through and resolve, goals they would like to achieve and/or they have a desire to grow their business and get more effective results.  The reasons that women entrepreneurs hire a coach are varied and personal to each client. 


Coaches use the practice of asking powerful open ended questions to help the client “dig deep” into their own thought processes.  Coaches also believe that the client has her own answers and "inner wisdom" and seeks to help the client discover them. 


A Coach is ethical and professional and guides her business based on the ICF Code of Conduct and Professional Standards.


Coaches provide a safe, non-threatening, encouraging and supportive environment for the client to share what is going on in her life and business.  Sessions are free of stress, pressure or coercion. 


As a Coach I am:


  • an active listener
  • empathetic
  • non-judgmental
  • inspiring
  • empowering
  • respectful
  • honest
  • understanding
  • accepting
  • respectful of the client’s “inner wisdom”


As a Coach who has earned five distinct coaching certifications (Goal Setting, Mind Set, Motivation, Solution-Focused and Life Coach), I had a specific purpose in mind when I selected these training areas to focus on.  I wanted "well-rounded" training so I could assist my clients in attaining transformation -- and exponential -- growth as we co-create their path to achievement of their desired goals.  


Transformation -- and exponential growth -- occurs due to a variety of factors and circumstances.  Separately and together they impact the quality and speed of a client achieving the results they desire.  Here are some of the factors under a client's control that can be addressed through coaching with me --


  • creating clarity of purpose and direction
  • coachability and willingness to change
  • making timely and informed decisions
  • learning how to trust and take advantage of gut instinct and intuition
  • unwavering desire to learn new things and "unlearn" others that no longer serve her
  • open to examining "selfies" (self-awareness, self-discovery, self-concept, self-esteem)
  • confident in business and personal situations
  • open to facing hidden fears
  • determining current mindset, attitude, beliefs, thoughts, behaviors and actions
  • understanding self and others
  • utilizing a powerful and motivational goal setting formula
  • continuous mindset shifts based on new knowledge acquired throughout the process
  • sustaining motivation despite setbacks, roadblocks and obstacles
  • analyzing and solving the correct problems
  • conscious awareness of unexpected opportunities that show up and taking timely right action as appropriate
  • integrating personal goals fully into their goal achievement plan
  • celebrating at the accomplishment of each milestone


I use a special "fusion" process I designed to maximize a client's results from each coaching session with me.  The process helps them leave the session feeling satisfied, focused and motivated.  It takes into account -- and includes--


  • active and reflective listening
  • respecting the client's "inner wisdom"
  • inquiry, feedback and discussion between the client and myself
  • working together on brainstorming and idea generation
  • sharing of my experiences and results as they may relate to the client's issue or problem if the client asks my opinion, with the client's permission and without projecting my experiences onto the client as the actions she should take
  • co-creating alternatives to issues, problems, tactics and strategies
  • co-creating a Strategic Action Plan based on goals desired and milestones necessary to achieve them
  • constantly checking in with the client to determine what they are thinking and feeling


My fusion method has worked extremely well with my Women Entrepreneur clients.  I use the process so I can draw upon every tool I have available to make a difference for each client and to assist her in achieving the goals she desires.


It's important to note that I DO NOT tell clients what they should do.  The decisions on what specific actions to take are ALWAYS the clients' alone based on their "inner wisdom", good sense and what we have discussed during the Coaching session.