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I had a one-on-one clarity session with Ellen today and walked away with a clear direction and focus.  She helped me identify some of the key components I was missing and develop strategies in order to better reach my target market.


I had been struggling to fine-tune my niche and Ellen presented a completely new perspective that I hadn't considered.  She took an aspect of my services that I would consider a disadvantage and presented it in a way that would appear advantageous to the audience I'm targeting.  I've already began implementing the insight gained in my business and am thankful Ellen and I crossed paths.




Dorie & Flo Image Consultancy

I just wanted to write and thank you so much for our chat last weekend.  I can't tell you what a difference it made to the way I'm thinking... and we were only talking for a very short time really!  You were amazing! (NOTE from Ellen--no Tracy, it was you who were so amazing!)  I've really been struggling with my mindset and how it's holding me back in my business.  This is something I've struggled with all my life due to the things my parents spoke during my childhood.  I can't believe I'm still living under the cloud of those things some 40 odd years later.


But not anymore!  The things you suggested now seem so simple yet I have never heard them before.  So two things in particular have really stuck me ... My whole thinking about success ... always thought and vocalised that I've never been successful at anything.  You challenged me about that belief so gently and compassionately, but you challenged me. You have helped me to see that I tie success up purely in terms of money and the fact that I've never earned a reasonable amount of money to me means that I haven't been successful. You have helped me to see that actually I have been successful at quite a few things.


The second thing though is perhaps the one that I think will be life-changing.  I told you some of the things my parents told me, a lot, when I was growing up, that I have taken as truth.  And you very gently brought me round to see that those were their beliefs, and their belief systems, but they don't have to be mine.  That is a completely alien idea to me that I would never, in a million years, have been able to see for myself ... To be honest, my subconscious is not happy and is arguing with me but I also know that my subconscious has no filter so just believes and accepts what it hears.  But I WILL do it!


So thank you, thank you, thank you!  You are amazing and our very brief chat has changed my life!  I would love to work with you some more in the future ...




New York Life

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting with Ellen recently. She is an incredibly charming and knowledgeable woman.  Ellen and I had a very easily free flowing conversation that not only provided me with guidance and motivation but also solid recommendations and advice that I cannot wait to apply.  She thinks outside the box, has years of experience and I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for coaching.




Tampa, FL

Founder and Owner of Career Strategy Center

Co-Founder and President of Divorce Coaching Inc.

I met Ellen in 1995 shortly after I had moved to Tampa, Florida.  In retrospect, it was one of the best days I had had since leaving my job in New York City and moving to Tampa.  Ellen inspired me with her upbeat attitude and that inspiration was just what I needed.  ...


Ellen became my coach, and sounding board, and advocate.  She encouraged me to get out there and network, and to recognize my own strengths.  With her coaching and encouragement, my self esteem went up 500% and I got into action meeting people, and discovering opportunities I had been blind to in my "woe is me" attitude. 


Later I hired Ellen for several organizations I was doing work for because she was an inspirational workshop leader, bringing a sense of humor, down-to-earth frameworks for making changes, and engaging the audience in seeing their situation from different perspectives. ... Ellen has outstanding communication skills, excellent listening ability, and knows just how to motivate you to become more self-aware, and to see how to create value in the marketplace.




Memphis, TN

Life Coach

7 Steps to Success

Regarding my coaching relationship with Ellen, overall she has been extremely helpful.  I found her to be a good listener which facilitated great feedback.  She is engaging and easy to talk to.  She gave me reassurance when I needed it and she is an excellent accountability partner.  As a Life Coach launching my own business she generously shared helpful tips from her own experience as she guided me through our sessions.



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          Ellen McNeill