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WELCOME!  Thank you for your sharing your thoughts on Group Coaching.  Led by me as your Coach, Group Coaching is the perfect way to get the benefit of coaching services without paying for private one-to-one sessions.  It's a valuable tool to "crash course" and upgrade your business skills while benefiting from group shares and interactions.


This is a GROUP COACHING SURVEY for me to find out what you would like to learn about to grow your business and achieve your business goals.  Your individual answers will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone else.


For completing this SURVEY you will receive:


  • One 1.5 hour Group Coaching Session valued at $150.  (Offer expires April 15, 2018).
  • An entry into a drawing for a $25 Chili's gift card which will be held on April 4, 2018. 


You do not have to be registered in Group Coaching with me to be eligible to win the gift card.  The winner of the $25 Chili's gift card will be announced in my Facebook group Women Entrepreneur Goal Crushers.


For your convenience, this SURVEY is "interactive".  You can type your answers and choices directly onto the screen into the appropriate areas.


Once you're done typing in your answers to the SURVEY, be sure to press SAVE & SEND TO COACH at the bottom of this page.  This will save the form on my system and forward it to me.  


Them be sure to PRINT your completed GROUP COACHING SURVEY for your records.




This SURVEY must be completed in one sitting.

It cannot be saved to come back to later.


Thank you again for taking part in this SURVEY.


Ellen McNeill



First, a little bit about you--What is your age?

What is your complete street address and your time zone?

What are your favorite hobbies?

What is your marital status?

Do you have any children?

If YES, what are their ages?


What magazines do you subscribe to and read regularly?  (Either ONLINE or OFFLINE).

What are your favorite types of books?

Who are your favorite authors?

What are your favorite websites?

What are your favorite podcasts?

What percentage of the time do you use a mobile device to shop?

What type of electronic devices do you own and use?  (For example, cell phone, I-pad, laptop, desktop, etc.)

What Facebook groups do you post in regularly?  Name as many as you can recall.

What business-oriented Facebook groups do you follow and post in?

What linkedin groups do you belong to?

Please list all networking groups or associations you belong to (with city and state) of the group.

How would you describe your personality?

Describe your business.

How long have you been in business?

If you have a website, what is the URL?

Have you ever participated in Group Coaching?

If you answered YES to the above question, what was your group coaching experience like?  Write as much detail as you want about the experience. You could include, for example:

--what year was the coaching

--the group topic

--length and frequency of the sessions

--whether you enjoyed the experience, etc.


How large is your customer base right now?

How large would you like your customer base to be?  When would you like this to happen?

What are the three most urgent business questions or concerns that affect you and your business right now?

How do you feel about "goal setting"?  Do you set business goals or targets?  Do you often achieve the goals you set?

When you want to read online articles about a topic where do you go first (article websites, google search, etc.)?

What is your vision for your life and/or business for the next 12 months?

What are the results you expected from owning your own business?  Are you getting those results?

Who are the influencers or mentors in your life?  Who do you look up to, listen to or ask for advice?  Please indicate if they are personal or professional.

List the 5 people you spend the most time with?  Do you feel you are surrounding yourself with like-minded people?

What are the last 3 personal, professional and/or business development products you purchased?

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being NOT VERY COMMITTED and 10 being VERY COMMITTED, what is your commitment level to making your life and business a success?

In what area of your life do you most want to have a true breakthrough?

What would you like to be really good at?

What do you do when you don't know exactly what to do?

How did you find out about me and my website and my Group Coaching opportunity I am offering? 

Did you access this page via a (1) coupon, (2) e-mail or (3) other?

If coupon link, where did you find the coupon?

If an e-mail, who sent the e-mail?  (If you don't remember, just skip this).

If Other, how did you find out about my GROUP COACHING SURVEY?  


What would you be willing to invest each month for a six month group coaching program that offered:

--two 1.5 hour sessions a month with no more than 25 participants in the group




--group participation and interaction

--group support

--Coach feedback

Taking into consideration the previous question, what else can you think of that you would like a group coaching program to include?

What else would you like to tell me that I haven't asked already?


You have completed the GROUP COACHING SURVEY.  You have won a FREE Group Coaching session in a six month program offered by Ellen McNeill, THE GOAL CRUSHER COACH. 


You're also automatically entered in the drawing on April 4, 2018 for a $25 Chili's restaurant gift card. 


Winner will be notified by phone and announced in my FREE Facebook group Women Entrepreneur Goal Crushers. 


You don't have to be registered in one of my Group Coaching programs to be in the drawing or eligible to win the gift card.