If you'd like to know a little bit about who I am as a person and my background, I created this page for you.


I grew up mostly in the Northeast and my family moved around a lot when I was a child.  It seemed that just as I would make new school friends, we would up and move again.  It took me a while to realize why, as an adult, I wasn't too keen on making friends. In fact, I just made that realization as I was typing this paragraph. 


With our last family move we landed in Brooklyn, New York where my grandparents owned a four-apartment brownstone. That meant we had a place to live and stay for a while.


I took French classes for four years when I was younger.  Even though I generally received "A's" and "B's", today the only French I remember is "Je ne sais quoi".  (Roughly translated it means "I don't know what"). Appropriate, huh?  They say "If you don't use it, you lose it."  That was definitely true in this case.


I skipped a grade in Junior High School (from 7th to 9th) only to later lose that leap when my father passed away while I was in college.  That year, from March 1969 (when he passed) to about June 1970, was extremely difficult for me, as my father and I were very close.  


When I finally went back to college, I decided to change my major from Research Chemistry and Physics to English Literature. I really didn't feel like taking classes that would boggle my brain any more.  I graduated from Brooklyn College with a B.A. in English Literature.


I started my full time working life in the legal field right out of college.  I had a knack for operating machines called "word processors" that were taking the place of manual Selectric typewriters.  I took to them like a cat to milk.  I eventually ended up in the position of a "Word Processing Supervisor" at one firm I worked for.  


I relocated to the East coast of Florida from Queens, New York with my first husband in 1976.  My word processing skills came in handy as I picked up a phone book, started with "A" and began calling legal offices looking to create a new job for myself.  I didn't make it past the "A's" and landed a great job with a law firm (Abrams, Anton) and worked there for quite a while.


Four years later my husband and I divorced after seven years of marriage when I realized I was so unhappy in a mentally abusive relationship.  Leaving was one of the best decisions, and one of the most difficult, I had made in my life up to that time. 


Looking for a change and a chance to regroup after my divorce, I left the security of my job and relocated to Tampa, Florida on the West coast, with a couple of close friends.


Again, I tried job hunting using my phone book approach and I was able to find work as a Word Processor.  Things were going well -- for a while.  Then, what seemed like all of a sudden, word processing departments -- and word processors -- began to get phased out in the legal industry.  PCs started to show up on the desk of attorneys' individual offices which meant they could now create, edit and print their own documents.  In fact, I trained some of them on how to do that.  Like before, I would have to find a new job or reinvent myself.  


During this period of time, after five years of being single, I met my wonderful and loving husband, Michael, in 1985 on my 35th birthday.  How we met is quite an amazing tale of twists and turns that brought us together.  I once told the story to a group of single women.  My husband said you could hear a pin drop in the room as I shared the details.  (It's a long story so I won't get into it here.)


I did some consulting work for a Professional Speaker, walking around the room as I was speaking.  She said I had natural skills to be a Motivational Speaker and did I ever think about that.  Actually I had thought about it at an earlier point in my life but I was afraid to stand up and speak in front of groups.  Then I thought, "Why not try something different?" and joined the local chapter of the National Speakers Association.  


The Professional Speakers in the chapter were very gracious and I had the opportunity to learn everything I could absorb about the speaking profession.  I learned the in's and out's of being a Professional Speaker including how to create a media kit and market myself.  I even had a video demo tape made so meeting planners could see and hear me speak at the same time.


I was a motivational speaker for approximately six years, speaking to business professionals like you in more than 20 different industries.  I shared unique insights I had gained into stepping up productivity, systematizing goal setting and practicing effective time management.


Under my maiden name of Ellen Martorella, I am listed in the Yearbook of Experts, Authorities and Spokespersons, 12th Edition, as an expert on Productivity and Motivation. 


I'm a Member of the National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers (2017). 


Though speaking paid well, I left the profession around Y2K (remember that?!).  I disliked having to constantly market myself and travelling.  I'm a home body at heart.


My husband Michael and I relocated to the beautiful, wooded mountains of Western North Carolina in 1999 and just love living here.


I've been told that I'm very creative in my approach to life and business.  I've been issued three U.S. Patents on a product I designed, developed and brought to market and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of accomplishing that.  


You can read a little about the story behind the patents in the BEST SELLING business book I co-authored with Brian Tracy, internationally renowned motivational speaker (Ready! Set! Go!).


Now, at the age of 67, I have discovered my true calling -- the profession that all my life experiences, intuition and listening skills have led me to -- Professional Coaching.  I have coached women throughout my life on business and personal issues but was not aware that I was "coaching".


I believe passionately in the value of Coaching and personal growth and development.  I became a student of lifelong learning in the 1980s. I focus on trying to learn at least one new thing a day.


This brings me to 2018.  As a Coach, I have earned five separate and distinct accreditations: 


  • Certified Goal Setting Coach
  • Certified Mind Set Coach
  • Certified Motivation Coach
  • Certified Solution-Focused Coach
  • Certified Life Coach 


What this means for you is that I am qualified to coach you in important areas necessary for operating and growing your business.


If you've never experienced being coached, you are definitely missing out.  Visit the FREE SESSION DETAILS tab or click the link below to find out about a FREE "Crush Your Business Goals in Half the Time" Coaching Session.


Thanks for reading!



Ellen McNeill, CGSC, CMSC, CMC




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